Frequently Asked Questions About Hiring a Public Adjuster

When you’re dealing with a crisis, there’s nothing worse than thinking you have the peace of mind of having insurance, only to be given the runaround by your insurance company. Thankfully, public insurance adjusters exist. Their job is to work in your interest, decipher the confusing language of your policy, and negotiate a fair settlement from your insurance company. 

Many people don’t know about public adjusters until they need one, which typically only leads them to have even more questions. We’ve put together answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about public adjusters, so you can make an informed decision. 

What does a public adjuster do?

A public adjuster is an independent insurance adjuster who works on behalf of the insured. They  handle the entire claim process, with the goal of getting the best possible settlement from the insurance company:

Without a public adjuster, you have to rely on an adjuster who works for the insurance company to determine what you’re owed. The insurance company’s adjuster has their employer’s best interest in mind, so they won’t always offer the best possible settlement. 

A public adjuster levels the playing field. Their assessment gives you an alternative to the insurance company’s offer. They also give you guidance to ensure you don’t give the insurance company any reason to offer a reduced settlement or deny your claim. 

What are the pros and cons of working with a public adjuster?

Working with a public adjuster can save you an immense amount of time and frustration, and that’s not to mention that they help you get more money from your insurer. But there are potential pitfalls if your adjuster isn’t reputable, or you’re unclear about your contract. 


  1. Getting the settlement that you’re entitled to from the insurance company

Without a public adjuster on your side, the insurance company can take advantage of you. The public adjuster reviews policy language to look for any stipulations that work in your favor and create a fair estimate.

  1. Saving time on the claim process

A public adjuster handles all interactions with the insurance company. That frees you up to focus on recovering from the incident that led to the claim in the first place. 


Many of the cons of working with a public adjuster come from working with someone with a poor reputation or a fee structure that doesn’t really work in your favor. 

  1. Feeling like the service was unfairly priced

The majority of public adjusters charge a percentage of the settlement, so their goal is to get the largest payout possible. But sometimes a flat fee may be more appropriate. In those cases, it’s important to make an informed decision so you feel comfortable with the rate, even though you don’t know the outcome of their work. 

  1. Not understanding the fee structure

It’s also important to understand whether the public adjuster’s payment is based on the total settlement or just the additional payment that they negotiate. Without clarity on the basis of the payment, you may be surprised when everything is settled. 

How to avoid public adjuster scams

To avoid the pitfalls of working with a public adjuster, it’s important to find someone who’s reputable. Public adjusters are licensed by the state, which you can verify through your state government’s website. Look for the department of insurance or insurance commissioner’s website for a license lookup tool. 

Reputable adjusters should also be in good standing with the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters. The NAPIA advocates for a high standard of professional conduct, so it’s a great resource to validate whether your adjuster is reputable. 

You should also look into how long your adjuster has been in business, which type of claims they have experience with, and whether they have references to offer. Public adjusters are in the business of helping people get money. If they’re any good, they’ll have a list of enthusiastic references who will attest to their negotiation skills and their customer service. 

What does a public adjuster contract contain?


Before signing a contract with a public adjuster, you need to know how the adjuster will be paid and the services they will provide. This is especially important if you hire the public adjuster in the middle of the claim process. Here’s what you should know before you sign a contract:

Need a reputable public adjuster?

If you’re looking for a reputable public adjuster to help you with the claims process, Ironclaim has decades of experience. We’ve helped hundreds of homeowners, businesses, and government agencies get the maximum possible settlement for their claims. Reach out to us today to see how we can help.


Are you interested in hiring a public adjuster, but have questions about what it’s like to work with one? We’ve compiled some of the most common questions about working with public adjusters so you can make an informed opinion.


Got questions about what it’s like to work with a public adjuster? We’ve got answers. Check out our latest blog for answers to your most frequently asked questions about working with a public adjuster.


Working with a public adjuster can have a dramatic impact on the size of the settlement you get from your insurance company. But it;s not uncommon to have questions about what it’s like to work with a public adjuster. We’ve got answers. Read our latest blog to get answers to frequently asked questions about working with a public adjuster.