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Why Hospitality Businesses Need a Public Adjuster Trusted by the AAHOA

When you decide to work with an insurance adjuster, one factor that you’ll have to consider is how well they understand your business’s unique needs. The hospitality industry faces specific challenges when it comes to insurance claims. You have to balance the need for a fair settlement with the need to reduce vacancies and resume normal business activities. And your losses may extend beyond just being unable to fill rooms. How are your event spaces affected? What happens when amenities, like the pool or gym, are inaccessible? How does that impact your claim?

Not just any public adjuster will understand these issues. One way to evaluate a potential adjuster’s expertise is to look at the organizations they’re affiliated with. In the hospitality industry, the Asian American Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA) is one of the most prominent trade organizations. 

What is the AAHOA?

As the largest organization of hotel owners in the United States, the AAHOA’s mission is to advance and protect the interests of business owners in the hotel industry. Founded in 1989, the AAHOA has nearly 20,000 members nationwide, and they represent nearly half of all hotels in the country. The AAHOA has its roots in the Indian American community, many of whom began to purchase hotels in pursuit of the American dream in the 1970s. Now, the organization is a central resource for helping hospitality business owners address the COVID-19 pandemic, disaster planning and preparedness, and a range of policy issues impacting the industry.

Work with a public adjuster that is a member of the AAHOA

Because of our extensive experience with the hospitality industry, IronClaim has established a strong relationship with the AAHOA. We’ve actually formed a partnership with one of the AAHOA’s longtime members, Arjun "Alex" Patel, to represent IronClaim within the organization. The partnership allows us to deepen relationships with AAHOA members and better understand their needs, as well as the needs of the wider industry. 

Insurance issues facing hotels today

Hospitality businesses face a unique set of challenges, from the prolonged financial losses caused by the coronavirus pandemic, to natural disasters. 


Perhaps the most pressing issue facing the hospitality industry today is the coronavirus pandemic. Compared to 2019 levels, travel spending tanked by 47% in 2020. Even though we’ve finally started to turn the corner, the hospitality industry will likely face financial hurdles for years to come. Many hotels have sought relief through their business interruption insurance policies. While many claims have been denied, there are a couple of lawsuits that may set a precedent that at least some coronavirus-related business interruption claims should be covered. 

Natural disasters and climate change

From major hurricanes to extreme temperatures to wildfires, we’ve entered an age of extreme weather. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says that extreme single-day precipitation events have been on the rise since 1990. In the past 20 years, tropical storms and cyclones in the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean, and the Gulf of Mexico have risen. And large floods have increased in the Northeast, Pacific Northwest, and parts of the northern Great Plains. All of these trends are expected to continue, and will have a significant impact on the hospitality industry in the years ahead.

Assessing the damage from these kinds of events is a complex challenge. And after any natural disaster, the insurance companies are overwhelmed with claims, which slows down the process even more. 

Civil unrest

The rise in awareness around social justice issues has led to an increase in civil unrest in cities around the country. In addition to potentially driving away tourists, these events may result in damage to hotel properties, or cause closures of restaurants and other amenities. Even if your property is not affected directly, but one of your key vendors is impacted, you may be able to recoup some losses.

How IronClaim can help ease claim headaches for your hotel

Because of our decades of experience with the hotel industry and partnership with the AAHOA, we have a deep understanding of how to navigate insurance claims for this industry. We’ve worked with hotels and hospitality groups in the United States, Mexico, and the Caribbean to quickly resolve claims and ensure a fair settlement. We helped a luxury hotel chain in Mexico receive a 1,036% increase on the insurance company’s initial settlement. We thoroughly and accurately assessed the damage to their properties, and submitted 30 claims in just over a two-month period. When another one of our hospitality clients experienced flooding due to a plumbing leak, we were able to get the insurance company to replace the carpeting in the affected hallway, as well as other unaffected parts of the property. To learn more about our services and get help from a public adjuster who has hospitality insurance expertise, get in touch with us today.


The hospitality faces unique business challenges. When you work with a public adjuster, you need to choose someone who understands your need to resume normal operations quickly and receive a fair settlement. Here’s why you should work with a public adjuster who has experience with the AAHOA.


The AAHOA is one of the largest organizations for hotel owners in the US. And when you’re choosing a public adjuster to help with an insurance claim for your hospitality business, it’s a good idea to choose someone who’s teamed up with the AAHOA. As a longtime member, IronClaim truly understands the hospitality industry.


When you work with a public adjuster you need to choose someone who understands your need to fill vacancies and receive a fair settlement. As a longtime member of the AAHOA, IronClaim has extensive experience helping hotels quickly resolve their claims. Here’s why that relationship matters.