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Commercial policyholders who use a public adjuster can increase their settlement by millions. What will Ironclaim do for you?


Claim success begins with the right team.

An expert team is essential to getting you back into growth mode. Don’t let your business bleed money, let Ironclaim be the bandage that gets you the maximum settlement amount in the shortest time frame.

You never settle for less.

We’re obsessed with getting you the biggest payout for your policy and damage incurred faster than any other public adjuster. Period.

You get the check.

Some mitigation companies or construction firms have the funds sent straight to them. We get the check issued to you so you can determine how to spend the funds.

You won’t spend your settlement on us.

If we can’t increase your claim and cover our fee, we will tell you right away. We only take cases where the money spent on our services makes sense.

You don’t have to close your doors.

You can’t profit off of an insurance claim. But we can mitigate your business interruption loss by exploring secondary location options, and more, while we’re settling.

We know what you need to get back to business.

Be there for your patients.

Resuming your patient treatment and care is our top priority. Our experts handle your property loss, equipment and device recovery, and help create a rebuild plan that works for you.

Adjust a claim

Get back your customers.

Maximize your payout and let us manage the headache of the claims process, so you recover what you need for staff, build-outs, inventory, and more.

Adjust a claim

Keep your business open.

Get a custom plan to stay open for your community, avoid spoilage, and keep your employees while we file your claim.

Adjust a claim

Rebuild for your community.

Our only goal is to secure you the settlement figure that allows you to make the necessary repairs, completely re-open, and resume your mission-driven work.

Adjust a claim

Get on the path to recovery.

First, we minimize your lost stock with resell options. Then we work with your policy to determine available options, including opening at secondary locations.

Adjust a claim

See what Ironclaim can do for you.


Increase on Initial Claim for Florida Grocery Store


Increase on Initial Offer for Georgia Strip Mall


Increase on Claim for Rum Distributor & Restaurant

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Piggly Wiggly,

George Duren


“Ironclaim went above and beyond in fighting for a fair settlement. I have been very pleased with their service, communication, professionalism, as well as their tenacity in helping me settle my claims.”


Wendy’s - Sandersville, GA

John W. Dickey, D.M.D.


“I was very impressed with Mr. Fusco’s complete understanding of our policy, the recovery strategy, how to deal effectively with our carrier, and his highly competent administrative support group. It was very comforting to completely turn the process over to them and go on with our business. My only mistake was not hiring
them the day the fire was extinguished.”


We fight for you, your business, and what you’re owed.

Ironclaim is here to evaluate your claim, see where we can help you increase your payout, and make sure that if you do pay us, you’re still benefiting more from the settlement. It doesn’t cost you anything to talk to us, so don’t leave a single cent on the table. Get in touch today.