Insurance claim experts who have your back.

We review your policy and damage details, complete thorough inspections, prepare our value of the claim, and manage all the documentation to secure a successful settlement.


What is a public adjuster?

We’re not lawyers, and we’re not insurance agents. We’re insurance adjusters -- just like the ones assigned from the insurance company. The only difference is that we work for you, to get the proper compensation for your claim.

Ironclaim’s public adjusters give you the confidence that an experienced team is fighting to maximize your settlement based on damage sustained. To do that, we review the terms and conditions of your full policy, build a claim with accurate rebuild costs, and hold the carriers to market-rate pricing to restore your property. We also develop thorough contents and equipment inventories as well as prepare your total financial loss documentation.

Our team understands the nitty-gritty of insurance policies, and we’ve won state Supreme Court cases because of it.

All of our work is done in-house by our own adjusters, estimators, and analysts, so you have a dedicated team for each section of your claim.

We’re the only public adjustment company with a tech stack, using Salesforce to track and monitor all claim activity for easy reporting.

We’ve done work in five continents—and counting—and we have adjusters in the field working on every major (and minor) disaster.

We are licensed experts who don’t take silence for an answer.

We help our clients navigate the three main areas of the claim.

We start by understanding the policy, measuring the building, documenting the damage, and establishing accurate pricing. We help by:

Pain Points

  • Understanding what you’re entitled to within your policy.
  • Managing the relationship with adjusters, building consultants, and engineers who are there to save money for their client, the insurance company. 
  • Providing property access and supervision for numerous re-inspections at the site. 
  • Understanding the terms and conditions of your policy to properly argue the value of a claim. 
  • Preparing a proper scope of work based on market rate pricing for damage to the building.


  • Attending meetings and handling all claim communication.
  • Utilizing the same software as the insurance company
  • Assisting with construction management and bid processes
  • Bringing specific experience translating construction pay applications to insurance company loss values. 
  • Helping the policyholder receive an accurate claim value. 
  • Specializing in the Lloyd’s of London insurance program and claim process.



Review your policy.

With a deep-dive into your multi-page policy, we will determine the available terms and conditions applicable to your claim.


Prepare Xactimate™ estimate.

We document damaged property and contents and create an immediate pathway to recover your loss on a line-by-line basis based on current market prices.


Manage negotiations.

We’ll present your full structure claim to the insurance provider, with tracking across all areas of coverage for your building. Then we’ll follow up frequently while the carrier is reviewing our figures, keeping you updated with our progress the whole way.


Settle the claim.

Our goal is always to achieve our client's specific goal for their claim, whether they are interested in receiving the max settlement possible, or are prioritizing fast construction. Either way, we settle successfully for our clients.

A successful contents claim is all about details. We help by:

Pain Points

  • Creating an Excel spreadsheet for thousands of items in your home or business.
  • Pricing each of the individual items according to today’s pricing.
  • Adding the age of each item to accurately account for item depreciation.
  • Arguing with insurance carriers over whether an item should be cleaned or replaced.


  • Handling inventory and pricing on your behalf.
  • Preventing carriers from depreciating items too heavily.
  • Preventing wasted dollars on pack-out and storage.
  • Helping the policyholder receive an accurate claim value.



Review your policy.

With a deep-dive into your multi-page policy, we will determine all available personal property coverages, including food spoilage, fine arts, and electronic data processing. 


Inspect Online

Preparing a detailed contents inventory can take hours. Our time will be spent doing what is necessary at the property site to capture photos of all the damaged items for input into contents inventory software. We then request a monetary advance based on the walkthrough.


Prepare an inventory.

We use the photos from the onsite inspection as well as client inventory and supply lists to formulate an inventory, and package up all contents loss. 


Begin negotiations.

We’ll present your full claim to the insurance provider with inventory in place. We’ll follow up every day, and keep you updated on our progress.


Settle the claim.

Typically we have to argue the depreciation that has been applied to the content inventory or push for items that the carrier would rather repair than replace. We don’t close the claim until you’re satisfied with the personal property offer. 

Measuring the financial loss includes calculating any lost revenue as well as gathering extra costs incurred as a result of the claim. We help by:

Pain Points

  • Getting an insurance carrier to see the full picture of the financial loss. 
  • Waiting until you’ve incurred a financial loss before securing payment from the carrier. 
  • Tracking the impact of loss through profit and loss statements, financial statements, payroll, rent rolls, temporary facilities, or loss of use.


  • Understanding how business income loss is tied to the proper period of restoration. 
  • Taking a creative approach aligning client rebuild timelines and financial goals.  
  • Giving advice regarding decisions to incur extra expenses for business continuity.



Review your policy.

With a deep-dive into your multi-page policy, we will determine all available terms and conditions applicable to your claim.


Prepare financial valuations.

We provide documentation of all lost revenue and additional costs incurred. We work with accountants between our team, the carrier, and the client to create a pathway to ongoing payment and reimbursement.


Begin negotiations.

We’ll present your full claim to the insurance provider, with business interruption, extra expense, and additional living calculations based on your policy. We’ll follow up every day, and keep you updated on our progress.


Settle the claim.

The financial impact of the claim can be calculated up through the last day that repairs are complete. We work with our clients to negotiate the financial impact based on their priorities for each property so they can successfully close the loss.

Our field work separates us from attorneys.

Visits each damaged building to determine proper structure scope and contents loss

Provides documentation of claim value using the same software as insurance company

Typically has a maximum fee limit of 10% of the overall claim settlement

Only gets paid when the policyholder gets paid


Does not perform field work inspecting damaged sites

Does not prepare contents and equiptment inventories

Contingency fees can be as high as 30-40% of the settlement

May charge hourly rates for the work performed on the claim

Ironclaim can be your partner for claim success.

Let’s set up a meeting.

We care that insurance claims are settled properly, whether we are involved or not. Our relationships with our clients matter and that starts with adding value right away. Give us a call and we'll give you our best advice on how to move forward.