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Not many people make helping people recover from disasters their expertise. We do.

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In any disaster scenario, the insurance adjuster you’re dealing with manages your claim—along with a lot of other claims just like yours.

With Ironclaim, you don’t have to worry about being one in a million. We’re here to give you the dedicated support and full policy review you need so we can fight for your best financial outcome from the moment damage is incurred. It’s always custom with Ironclaim, so reach out today and let us develop a claim strategy that fits your policy, damage, and rebuild plan.


Get a damage evaluation no matter where the lava lands.

Access and air quality are two challenges in lava events, and could be covered by your policy whether you have physical damage from lava flow or not. Ironclaim can:

Handle complex policy analysis

Overturn claim denials

Estimate your property damage

Get you compensated for long-term damage



Get case-by-case advice for the unprecedented.

Legal precedence for COVID-19 is still being established. Ironclaim is monitoring legislation changes in real time, so we can work with you on a case-by-case basis to:

Review your policy

Check for inclusions

Get you what you’re legally owed


Theft + Vandalism

First we fight for your inventory loss.

Whether it’s an incident of high-dollar theft or recurring vandalism, we prioritize your business income loss and the true value of your lost or damaged property. Ironclaim will:

Prepare the contents inventory

Fight the depreciation

Get accurate pricing for custom and specialty items



We fight for the damage that is seen and unseen.

Earthquakes unsettle foundations, impacting the structural integrity of your property in small ways that have a big impact. Here’s how we ensure you aren’t vulnerable to future damage:

Complete a thorough assessment

Prepare a full property and contents report

Negotiate your claim recovery


Lightning + Snow

Get recovery for winter storms and electrical loss.

Lightning is primarily a matter of managing electrical surge damage. Snow is often a matter of roof collapse and frozen pipes. In both instances, we have extensive experience with the common damage—and the outliers. We:

Identify and measure damage on-site

Advise on the most effective claim strategy

Fight for what you’re legally entitled to



Claim damage that’s above—and below—the surface.

Sinkholes often require explicit coverage, so it’s not always simple to file a successful claim. Even if you have already been denied, our sinkhole claim experts can help you:

Understand your policy coverage

Record the full extent of sinkhole damage

Fight to secure payment at speed


Village Opticians, Raleigh, NC

Bull Barbour

“Ironclaim handled my claim in its entirety, leaving me with the time to deal with getting my business reopened. I am sure that my settlement with my insurance company netted me every possible dollar due me under the terms of my coverage, certainly many thousands of dollars more than I could have netted on my own.”


Southern Pine Company, Savannah, GA

Ramsey khalidi

“I want to thank [Ironclaim] for the excellent work in preparing and negotiating my claim to a very successful conclusion. Your firm’s attention to detail was impeccable, your presentation was professional, but your knowledge of the process is where I saw the real value of your service.”


Tortola Concrete, British Virgin Islands

Roxanne Ritter

“I was told to meet with Michael and his team, and I am so glad I did. You all worked some magic. I never could have handled all nine of our claims and kept the business running.”


Managing the claim process successfully for over 40 years.



increase in 3 months after vandalism

for a jewelry store in Atlanta, Georgia


increase after BOMB EXPLOSION

in Nashville, TN

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