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We manage claims for all kinds of businesses, with specialized experience in the most common types of property loss.


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Get back to curb appeal and occupancy sooner.

Accurate Xactimate estimates, minimal depreciation applied, and maximized lost revenue. Our adjusters will stay with your portfolio for all losses to your property throughout the years, getting to know your property managers, understanding your overall goals, which help get to cash flow faster than starting from scratch.


Hotels & resorts

Get back to providing hospitality to your guests.

Capturing local tourism trends in the financial loss, being able to make payments for annual contracts, and getting the insurance check issued directly are all things our hospitality clients care about. We capture all that and more in your claim.



Add a claim expert to your current team roster.

We don’t take cases where we can't help increase the claim. We evaluate your commercial claim, see where we can increase your payout, and make sure that if you pay us, you’re still benefiting more from the settlement than if you’d have gone at it alone.

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Let us help you so you can be there for others.

We know your responsibility is to your citizens, your patients, and your customers. Let us be responsible for you. Our triage approach allows you to restore your operations, rebuild your infrastructure, and decrease the timeline of your claim.

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Flip the power and hold your carrier accountable.

We don’t work to make the insurance company mad, but we do work to make sure you’re happy. So regardless of how your insurance company feels, we’re here to build the best claim for what is rightfully yours—and get you paid what you’re rightfully owed.

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Our team understands the nitty-gritty of insurance policies, and we’ve won state Supreme Court cases because of it.

All of our work is done in-house by our own adjusters, estimators, and analysts, so you have a dedicated team for each section of your claim.

We utilize the latest in claim and customer service technology, including Matterport, Kespry, Xactimate, and Salesforce for a better client experience.

We’ve done work in five continents—and counting—and we have adjusters in the field working on every major (and minor) disaster.

If it’s happened, we’ve covered it.


increase for
hurricane claim

Leading cellular telephone provider for the British Virgin Islands asked us to maximize their settlement. We delivered.


increase to
apartment fire

Client received an initial offer and asked us to review. We found significant damage missing from their estimate.


increase to
water damage claim

Thorough audit of damage caused by a broken pipe burst leads to an increase of the carrier's structure offer by $60M.

Ironclaim can be your partner for claim success.

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