We go where the destruction is.

And our goal is to make sure that any tornado damage covered by your policy is in your claim.

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We take a case-by-case approach to managing tornado claims.

Whether it’s a wind or water damage conversation, we’re here to chase down what your insurance rightfully owes you. Here’s how we help:

We check for foundation damage.

We work with experts: roofing experts, foundation engineers, and more, to understand what possible damage may have occurred and what your best plan of action is for moving forward.

We fight for what you need.

We push to get you covered for everything you’re owed, but we will also tell you when you aren't truly entitled to a full roof replacement. Our recommendations are based on identifying the true value of your loss and providing recommendations accordingly.

We complete a debris strike evaluation.

Tornado winds are twisting, which means structural integrity issues are common—even if they aren’t visible. If your structure is compromised in any way, we will work with structural engineers to determine the damage.

We prioritize you.

In the event of a tornado, you may be one of many affected in an area, or you may have extensive damage unlike anyone else. Our team is dedicated to you and will help you get through the process and back to normal as quickly as possible

Here for wherever it touches down.

Tornado damage can feel like a hit-or-miss. But your tornado claim settlement should never feel like that, and that’s why it’s important to work with a partner who understands the complexities and can advocate for you.

Whether your damage results from high winds, water, or a combination of both, Ironclaim makes it simple to get you an offer that properly covers your loss and what your policy says you’re owed. Whether this is your first tornado this year, or your first tornado ever, we’re here to help.

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Daniel & Krista Lay

Homeowners, Norcross, GA

“As we looked amongst the rubble, it became clear that we would need help in trying to assess our loss. They became our “lifeline.” We wanted them as our advocate with our insurance company. Now that our final settlement has been reached, we can only say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.”


Questions about tornado damage claims?
We have answers.

Let’s create a custom claim strategy together.

We work with you to include everything—from the seen to the unseen damages—in your tornado claim so you can recoup from your loss and get what you’re owed. It doesn’t cost you anything to talk to us, so reach out for a free policy review today.