When everyone is hit, we prioritize you.

We don’t quit, no matter how long it takes. Ironclaim will be there from beginning to end.

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We know the specifics of filing successful hurricane claims.

Our hurricane claim process starts by separating the flood and wind damage and ends with getting you the right settlement for what your policy says you’re owed. Here’s how we help:

We focus on your policy.

We get in the weeds to understand the damage, how we can approach your loss holistically, and then we help you understand your hurricane deductible to uncover the full extent of your loss.

We know the landscape.

Managing hurricane claims is not new to us. We’ve done it all before—negotiated with insurance adjusters, dealt with the handoff when the claim is reassigned multiple times, handling denials when the damage is clear. We won't stop until you're satisfied with the claim figures.

We make you our priority.

The insurance company adjuster has multiple claims to manage in a single day. We don’t. We spend the required amount of time—however long it takes—documenting your loss.

We close when it’s right.

If speed is your goal, we’ll prioritize that. If the largest claim settlement is your goal, then it’s ours as well. Regardless of your desired result, we’re here to advocate for you.

Get help managing the hurricane deductible.

In hurricane claim situations, we know deductibles can be a significant challenge. We approach the claim process by setting up the claim in two parts: flood insurance claim and wind insurance claims, to respond to the corresponding insurance companies.

We’ve got the file down to a science to give you the best shot at getting what your policy says you're owed.

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University System of Mississippi

Dr. Shelby Thames


“Hurricane Katrina damaged over 100 building resulting in over $25 million worth of property loss. Mr. Fusco and his team of claims professionals were on the scene immediately assisting us with the proper preparation and game plan needed to succinctly mitigate the losses. [Ironclaim] is truly a leader in the field of insurance adjusting and the best possible partner we could have hoped for during this loss.”


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Let’s create a custom claim strategy together.

No matter the damage, we’re here to help you recoup your full loss and get you everything your policy says you’re owed. It’s free to talk to us, so reach out today to get a custom strategy for your settlement success.