Fighting for the damage you can't see.

Smoke gets everywhere. We make sure it gets on your claim.

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Fire experts here to help.

From total loss wildfires to smoke damage claims, you are entitled to be returned to a pre-loss condition. Here’s just a few ways we help.

We don’t just “clean, seal, and paint.”

We dive into the damage to find what isn’t visible, like smoke damage to your insulation, HVAC systems, and more.

We test for smoke particles.

Smoke is invisible and gets into porous surfaces causing long-term damage. By conducting thorough testing, we go into your ductwork, building interior, and more to root out all damage.

We match “look and feel.”

If you are eligible for matching state provisions, we make sure that your new buildout includes updating your entire structure, not just the fire-damaged areas.

We prioritize you.

Especially in wildfire situations, the insurance adjuster is dealing with a big caseload, which means you aren’t getting individual attention. Ironclaim only works for you.

We’re here for every step of the process, from day one to settlement.

Your insurance handles your fire damage claim by often passing it off to an independent contractor. If the contractor can’t get your claim solved quickly, it goes to someone else’s desk, where it lives in limbo.

We pride ourselves on doing all of our work in-house. At Ironclaim, we’re experts in fire and wildfire claims, and we’re dedicated to getting you the price you’re owed based on your damage, not your repair cost.

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Wendys, GA

John W. Dickey


"I was very impressed with Mr. Fusco’s complete understanding of our policy, the recovery strategy, how to deal effectively with our carrier, and his highly competent administrative support group. It was very comforting to completely turn the process over to them and go on with our business. My only mistake was not hiring them the day the fire was extinguished."


Questions about fire damage claims?
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We work with you to include everything—from the visible to the invisible damages—in your claim so you can recoup from your loss and get what you’re owed. It doesn’t cost you anything to talk to us.