Speed to close.

Maximize your claim settlement and get what you deserve.


We manage the complex
hurdles for you.

We force accurate settlements in a matter of weeks. That includes things like holding the carrier accountable to your state's matching provisions and managing blind bid processes. Your structural, FF&E, and financial loss are all captured.

We force accurate settlements in a manner of weeks. We review your state's provision on matching. And we factor in the revenue you won't make while you're down, so we can advise on how best to settle your claim.

We know disasters.

Our specialty is negotiating portfolios with fire, hurricane, and flood-related claims, and securing the settlement in a rapid manner.

We don't waste limits.

We ensure that none of your settlement dollars are spent on mitigating or packing out items that will be discarded.

We restore curb appeal.

We have the tech stack, case studies, and documented procedures to prove our superior claim process and get you to a check faster.

We've perfected the file.

We get to know your properties like they’re our own so we approach your build-out exactly like you would.

No matter the claim, we help you manage the money intelligently.

Get an estimate in days.

We beat the insurance company to an estimate 95% of the time in the multi-family space, often with adjusters asking to use our estimate for the entire claim.

Adjust a claim

See improvement immediately.

We deliver a claim offer quickly so that your residents see movement—and don’t have to look at a damaged building for long.

Adjust a claim

Move your rebuild forward.

We help advise on how to best use your insurance claim spend through the duration of the claims process.

Adjust a claim

Your success is our success.




Claim settled within 46 days for Oklahoma apartment complex


CLAIM INITIALLY Denied for Georgia Apartment Complex

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Porter Properties

Atlanta, GA

“I had no idea how heavily weighted things were in favor of the insurance company... I turned the entire process over to Ironclaim. It proved to be one of the best business decisions that I’ve made in some time. I have no doubt that I got the best possible settlement from the insurance company and that it far exceeded what I could have obtained on my own.”


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