Hold your carrier

Insurance providers might miss things on your claim. We add them.


We are your

You shouldn’t be afraid of your insurance company. But you do need an advocate who understands the process and can help recoup your entire loss. Here’s how Ironclaim protects you:

We’ve seen and handled it all.

Where most people run from disasters, we run toward them. That’s what has made us a recognized world leader in public adjusting for 40 years and counting.

We go to bat for you.

You can trust Ironclaim to manage the relationship between you and the insurance company. We know how and when to push so you get everything you’re covered for.

We settle claims in short order.

We are expertly equipped to handle the claims process with efficiency, and we fight for an accelerated timeline for each client. That’s why, on average, we settle our claims within three months.

Our goal is peace of mind—
and a max settlement.

Rebuild and move forward.

Secure the true value of your home by identifying and quantifying the custom elements of your home.

Adjust a claim

Strong safety net for important work.

You've built up your investment portfolio and when disaster strikes an area you're heavily leveraged in, it means losing millions. Let us help.

Adjust a claim

Custom homes requires custom strategy.

It is unlikely the carrier will properly price your Lindsey Adelman chandelier on the first try. We work in partnership with your contractors, designers, architects, and artists to get it right.

Adjust a claim

Let the Ironclaim get these results for you.






Increase for a British Virgin Islands Luxury Home

We guide you through the many phases of the claim.

“Ironclaim always communicated with me. The insurance company only called once every two or three weeks. Ironclaim called or texted every day. When you’re in dire straits, trying to get your life together, all you want is someone to communicate with you and help you. Ironclaim’s dedication, compassion, and speed exceeded our expectations. They always put our needs first.”

Laura King

Panama City, FL

“They allowed me the time and energy needed to tend to the more important mental and emotional issues that arise when an individual and their family are attempting to put a disaster behind them."

George Boedecker

Boulder, CO

“Your handling of the negotiations with our insurance company was nothing short of sensational. We learned one thing for sure: Get a public adjuster right away, and you will sleep better at night.”

Paul & Carol Daubney

Atlanta, GA

“One of the most helpful parts was that Ironclaim went through the rubble of our house and identified, quantified and logged every single thing that we owned, down to toothbrushes. I know others who went through a major fire who said it took over six months just to identify and log the contents of their house from memory. They took less than two weeks to complete this process.”

Caroline Wood

Alpharetta, GA

Take back the control over your settlement.

When Ironclaim fights for you, we thoroughly investigate your claim before moving forward. Our goal is to give you the best options based on your claim, your damage, and your policy, and we’ll keep you updated every step of the way. It’s free to talk to us, so get in touch today.