Water damage isn't always easy to spot

But Ironclaim is here to find it, then fight for it.

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We approach water claims head on.

The worst effects of water damage often don’t show up for 4-6 months. That’s why you need a champion to advocate for you from the start. We’re here to enforce foundational repairs that ensure your success long after the claim has been settled. Here’s how:

We tackle the details.

Water claims deserve intense due diligence to find all the damage. From HVAC to mechanical, electrical, plumbing components, we take apart your damage layer by layer, making additions to your claim as we go.

We use experts for mold and air particle testing.

Is it mold or water damage? Mold policy coverage is usually very limited, water damage is not. We will work with leading experts and the carrier when testing is needed to pass rigid air quality standards.

We prioritize core drying.

Your insurance company is trying to get your damage solved quickly. We’re trying to get it done right. That’s why we make core drying an essential part of the process.

We work with the NFIP.

The National Flood Insurance (NFIP) Program exists to help homeowners, and businesses get covered in flood events. We work alongside them to do the same thing.

Whether water damage is routine or a one-time event, we’re here for you.

Proving water damage can be a nightmare. That’s why you need Ironclaim on your side. We have extensive experience in everything from apartment floods to hospital pipe bursts and we understand that things can get complex.

We are not strangers to custom or individual requirements, and pride ourselves on routinely getting buildings down to the studs so we can recommend smart rebuild plans. If you feel like the insurance company has minimized your claim, it’s time to speak with us.

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Grady Hospital, Atlanta GA

Timothy Jefferson

Chief legal officer of Grady Health System

“Not only would I recommend your services to any other business that suffers a catastrophic loss, but I would clearly state that they are a leader in their class.”


Questions about flood damage claims?
We have answers.

Let’s create a custom claim strategy together.

We work with you to include everything—from the visible to the invisible damages—in your claim so you can recoup from your loss and get what you’re owed. It doesn’t cost you anything to talk to us, so reach out for a free policy review today.